Friday 28th November

Today’s Game
All of our game has been shot on or around the stunning heather moors of the Swinton Estate in North Yorkshire
Roast whole snipe, lentils, foie gras, chantrelles, game jus £17
Half or whole Yorkshire hen pheasant, sage stuffing, bread sauce £17.50 / £34

Roast breast and confit leg of Yorkshire mallard, Brussel sprouts, parsnip, ceps, walnut jus £32

Wild game birds, roasted whole and served with the traditional garnish of game chips, liver pâte ‘en croute’, Savoy cabbage and game jus
Red legged partridge £21
Diver duck £34

Gourmet Wine Nights

Fine Wine and Seasonal Food Evenings

Join us for a superb experience at our monthly food and wine dinners. Featuring five courses with matching wines these evenings are hosted by either ETM Group’s sommelier Guillaume Mahaut or a special guest.

Upcoming dinners
Wednesday 19th November - Game and Bordeaux SOLD OUT 
For more details on the Game and Bordeaux nights please go to:http://www.goodfoodwouldchoosebordeaux.com/pdf/Bordeaux_Dinner.pdf

Wednesday 31st December - New Year's Eve Gourmet Dinner

For all enquiries please contact Nicole Morris:
nicole@thejuggedhare.com / 020 7614 0134 / 07872 456 090