Sunday 26th April


Gressingham duck liver pâté, grape chutney, croutons £9.50

Native Scottish lobster and squid risotto, fresh herbs £14/£28

 For two people

600g Ayrshire Rose Veal rib, garlic chips, béarnaise £45

 The Dumbbell 1.6kg pot roasted shin, truffled mashed potatoes, spring greens £60

 Jacobs Ladder, boulangere potatoes, spring greens, braising jus £63

 Longhorn Tomahawk steak, garlic chips, pepper sauce £75




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To reserve your table in the dining room for up to 8 people, please use our real time online reservation system.

However, please note that the real time reservation system does NOT apply to the following:

-tables of nine or more;
-tables in the pub areas.

For these bookings and also private dining, private party and wedding reception enquiries OR if you have any problems with the real time reservation system (or just don't want to use it), then please call our reservations line: 020 7614 0134.

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The Jugged Hare